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What Makes Travel Insurance Worth It

The Canadian cold has yet to escape us, which means it’s not too late to escape from the Canadian cold. With every trip, the decision to purchase travel insurance comes with a few questions. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry, and at Fleury Financial, we want to make sure you are as well educated as possible, before making any decision.

Is Travel insurance worth it?

Everyone knows that skeptic who makes you question whether the extended care coverage you just bought with your new TV is worth it, or if opting for more data is necessary on your free upgrade, or even if travel insurance is really worth it. Well we can’t answer all of the skeptics questions but one thing we know for sure at Fleury Financial is that travel insurance is indeed worth every cent. Although travel insurance changes depending on type and policy, all of them cover these three important aspects of your trip ensuring the safety and care of your loved ones.

Medical Emergencies and Evacuation: If you need one reason for buying insurance this is it. In an emergency you want to make sure you are covered for every situation.  Medical expenses and hospital stays can add up very quickly. Depending on where you are traveling to, evacuation may be the only way to get the care you need. Expenses are the last thing on your mind during an emergency. Make sure you never have to worry about them.

Trip Cancellation: Life happens. Trip cancellation insurance covers you in case something gets in the way of your travel plans. Make sure you buy insurance when you start your booking your trip, instead of right before you leave this ensures you are covered for all of your expenses.

Luggage: Handing off your personal, expensive belongings to a stranger is often an odd feeling. Make sure your belongings are covered in case of loss, damage, late arrival etc. Travel insurance allows you to be at ease during travel.

Travel insurance covers you in the unforeseen unfortunate situations we try not to think about while traveling. We hope none of these unfortunate situations happen to you, but just in case Fleury Financial wants you to be covered. Take the ‘what if’ out of your vacation.